Thursday, March 31, 2016

Five Minutes to Fabulous: My Super Quick, No-Sew Curtain Update

Projects, projects everywhere! Thankfully most of them are small decor changes and not full on weekend warrior remodels. Especially since the weather is turning nice and we spend most of our time outside (a big change from our old yard-less house). My older boy's room was the focus for todays quick update. 

The house came with most of the window treatments so I can slowly change or relocate the materials to match our furniture and styles. This room came with cellular blinds and curtain rods. The blinds are cordless and I love them, except they are not light blocking and it's hard to convince your kids to go to bed in the summer when there is still light streaming through the window! 

The star of this update is the clip curtain ring. You can easily find these at your local retailer. I relocated these from the living room curtains (that are currently being transformed into Roman Shades) to use upstairs with the twin flat sheets I found at Goodwill for $2.

These clips not only allow you to use whatever fabric to choose but they slide open effortlessly taking a lot of strain off the curtain rod. Picture 6 year old boy attempting to pull open traditional pocket curtain... resulting in the rod being torn from the sheetrock.... needless to say, effortless opening is a huge bonus! 

All I had to do was iron out the sheets (by far the most time consuming step of this update). Then I clipped them up, no sewing required. I just folded down the top edge to hang them the correct hight. So simple!

The second window is smaller so I decided to go head and fold the sheet completely in half and keep the floor free from the extra material. So the boys don't have to fight with it while they play. Plus extra light blocking!

That's it. Iron and hang. Plus its so easy to change and the options are endless! I love it!

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