Thursday, April 21, 2016

Bugs & Dirt Cake and A Birthday to Remember!

My second born turned 6 this month! He requested another bug themed birthday that complemented the big outdoor party we were able to plan this year and it was a great success. We made the cake for his school snack on his actual birthday and it was by far the easiest birthday cake design I have ever done and it turned out the best! (So good, I wish I would have saved it to show off at the party!)

I toyed with the idea of creating another bug shaped cake (I did a caterpillar for his 3rd birthday) but I just didn't have the time to experiment with the different pans I had on hand since we were busy preparing for the "big party" on Friday. Thanks to Google I came across this idea and I added a few elements and the results were fantastic! 

I started by using 2 boxed cake mixes, prepared as directed. I divided the batter between 1 - 9x13 pan and 1 small pyrex bowl. The cake in the bowl took a little longer to bake but I just kept a close eye on it and did a tooth pick test every 5 minutes or so towards the end. I used a bread knife to cut the lump off the top and make a level bottom to my "hill". I flipped it over and placed it on the 9x13 cake. I iced used chocolate icing over the entire cake, and the best part I didn't have to worry about getting crumbs in the icing or making it look uniform. 

While the cake was cooking I prepped the "dirt". I couldn't find any chocolate animal crackers at my local Walmart so I ended up buying Cocoa Puffs chocolate cereal, and it resulted in the best looking and best tasting dirt I've ever made! I dumped some in a ziplock and smashed it up with a rolling pin. I slightly pressed handfuls of the crumbs onto the iced cake covering the whole surface including the sides. 

I added some green icing color to the chocolate icing and used a small ziplock to apply the grass. I didn't have a multi opening icing tip, so I just poked a few holes in my baggie and squeezed out the icing in a random pattern. The birthday boy placed the plastic toy bugs on the cake and we sprinkled some green sugar sprinkles in the grass. That's it! Super Easy! (Sorry some of the pictures are blurry, I didn't realize I had a smudge on my phones camera until afterwards!)

The party that Friday was a huge success, minus some strong winds early in the evening that kept the bon fire from getting big, but thankfully it calmed down enough to roast hot dogs and marshmallows. 

I made a spider piƱata from a box and tissue paper. Similar to the Minecraft TNT I made for my oldest 7th birthday but after watching my hard work get smashed to pieces in one swing, I decided to go quick and simple for this time. I just wrapped the box in tissue and taped on some legs. The kids loved it! They even took home the legs and head as souvenirs! 

We did dirt and worm pudding cups in addition to the S'mores for treats. I used the leftover cake crumbs and cocoa puffs from the birthday cake and gummy worms. 

The rest of the party was free play time. I set out bubbles and balls and the kids made their own fun.

We had a grand time and felt so much love from our new community. 

It was a great way to kick off a beautiful spring and celebrate this boys birthday and love for the outdoors!

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