Monday, August 26, 2013

Starting a Blog

Starting a Blog

So why start a blog? Do I really want to join the multitudes of Mommy bloggers out there? Will anyone really care what I have to say? I am not a writer, in fact English was always my worst subject in school… 

All these thoughts and questions have kept me from starting this whole process for months. Until last Sunday when our Pastor spoke on Spiritual Blahs (Click here to listen to the message) I didn’t even think I was having a “blah” moment however, the more I listened the more I felt it. As he continued to share his remedy for these blah times he suggested a challenging task for most of us: To sit quietly and listen. Listen to what God is assigning you to do, grand or small, and take the first step toward that assignment. Then at the end of the service we were encouraged to write down a glimpse of what that assignment might be. So I reached in the basket and grabbed my blank slip of paper and began to write. By default I chose my obvious calling of raising my boys, then without much thought I jotted down Starting a Blog.   I folded my paper and tucked it away and then began to wonder… As our Sunday continued this thought stayed with me. Then as a busy week of back to school began I still was questioning this assignment. Really? God wants me to start a blog? Seems a silly thing for God to be concerned with. But there it stuck. By Tuesday I decided to take a step and see what happened next.   

The first step seemed simple, pick a name and set up a website. Well no one mentioned that naming a blog was a difficult as naming a child! (Which I am also trying to do, but more on that later) So I sought the assistance of my good friend and experienced blogger (Check out her site, it’s awesome) and by the end of Wednesday Chasing Lost Socks was born. By Thursday my eyes were cross and I was already beginning to question the truth of this assignment – designing a website and being a perfectionist is an impossible combination – but as I took a step back from the computer and picked up a pen and paper to write, I felt it. Purpose.  And perhaps this might be my assignment after all.

I don’t know what will come from this or where it may lead me. But for now this is my first step on a new adventure. I’m not sure how often life will allow me to post or even if the content will be interesting to anyone. Nevertheless, I will follow this assignment one step at a time.

Would you like to join me on this adventure? My hope is that you will be encouraged or inspired, but at the very least entertained, by our tales of lost socks and raising a house full of boys! So laugh with me (or cry with me) as we begin our new adventure together!

Until next time!