Thursday, March 17, 2016

Birch Tree Shelves: A Quick, Fabulous & Free Up-Cycle

Birch Tree Shelves: A Quick & Fabulous Up-Cycle

Spring is coming! And I have been busy with several fun new house projects and spending time outside in the beautiful sunshine. I am currently in the middle of constructing a roman shade from a curtain panel... but I am taking a break to share my current favorite DIY project: Birch Tree Shelves!

We had a beautiful Birch tree in the front yard, unfortunately like several of the trees in our yard it wasn't alive anymore!

Before it headed to the burn pile I sorted through and found some pieces that hadn't been affected by whatever disease that caused it's early demise.

I cut them to size using a handheld limb saw and sealed them with Mod Podge. A spray sealer would make this step go even quicker but I was going with what I had on hand to keep this a completely free DIY project. Plus I got to use a couple super cute helpers!

After they dried I tied two branches together with some twine I had in my craft stash and mounted them to the wall with the L brackets I removed from the valances I took down from the previous owners. (Sorry for no pictures of this step, it went so fast I forgot to take them!)

But Here is the finished project. I love the way it looks in the room, they are the perfect size to hold our photo books and the best part: Completely FREE!

So now back to those window treatments... hopefully next week I will be able to post about them!

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