Thursday, March 10, 2016

Baby Poo On The Carpet... Moments That Will Not Be Missed

Baby Poo On The Carpet… Moments That Will Not Be Missed

It was 5:00am when I heard the sound of our youngest two boys thumping down the hall, creating more noise than herd of wild horses. They climbed their way into our bed and took their place on either side of me. As I lay awake sandwiched in between their warm bodies, listening to the even breathing and intense thumb sucking, I began to think about how much I would miss these early morning snuggles. Even though at the moment I really just wanted to go back to sleep (or tie that thumb behind his back)… I pondered over the week I have had so far… it’s been onerous already and it’s only half over…

The baby, who is not so much a baby anymore, started the week off by removing his dirty diaper. In the process he stepped in it and then proceeded to walk all around his room. One of the few places in the house that is not solid surface flooring. Baby poo on the carpet is not one of the things I will miss when my children are grown. To his credit, he was attempting to clean it up with a wet wipe and some toilet paper he stole from the bathroom… yes, it is clearly time to potty train, however that is also on my list of things I don’t think I will be missing when the house is empty and quiet. But that eager desire to learn something new and the look of concentration on his chubby little face… that I will miss. 

The following day, during a trip to Walmart, my three year old decided to disappear. Knowing he bolted off on purpose was a little more comforting than just having lost him, but also more infuriating. After calling out and searching the nearest aisles I quickly alerted an employee to call a Code Adam so he wouldn’t be allowed to leave the store, knowing he may be so bold as to do so. He had made it all the way to the other side of the store and was on his way back before I caught him. I was worried and furious at the same time. Needless to say I won’t ever miss that feeling. But later that evening when we talked about how dangerous it is to run away like that, when he looked up at me and apologized with sincerity in his big blue eyes and that thumb, perpetually in his mouth. That face I will miss. 

I know I will miss the loud laughter and stomping feet as they chase each other through the house. I will long for the chubby hands wrapped around my neck and the sweet kisses in the early mornings. I will miss singing them to sleep and watching their eyes slowing grow heavy. I know because I already miss it with my oldest two, who independently hop into bed and seldom ask for “songs and prayers”. I already miss the tiny baby moments, the first discoveries, and especially the way they look at you, like you are the most valuable person in the entire world. 

But now we are moving on to new adventures and new firsts. I want to remember these times when I feel like I am weary and on my last nerve… I want to remember the things I know I will miss when they are only memories and no longer apart of my daily routine. 

The Bible places a lot of value on Remembrance, because is does wonders for perspective and thanksgiving. Psalm 103 calls us to praise the Lord for the things he has done, and “forget not, all his benefits” In praise and thanksgiving I will remember these little moments with my children. For the protection of the Lord over my stubborn three year old, for the poo on the short pile carpet and not the white sheepskin rug. I want to hold on to these moments and live fully in them and not let frustration and exhaustion cloud my perspective.

We will never have these moments again, the children they are now, this chubby sweet snuggly baby version, will be gone and a new child will emerge, one just a beautiful but one ever changing and growing. Because life is short, and childhood even shorter.

Until next time, live fully in the moment and forget not all His benefits.


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