Friday, August 1, 2014

Magic Fingers: a shoe tying miracle.

My first born will be starting Kindergarten in a couple weeks. It is hard to believe how fast the past five years have gone. We are so very blessed by our wonderful boys. I have been watching videos of him when he was a baby and young toddler. Talk about setting myself up for emotional meltdowns! So I thought I'd better take a break and share this small miracle we experienced yesterday.

This summer has welcomed lots of new challenges, one being teaching the boys how to tie their own shoes. After weeks of working with him on the traditional, bunnies, holes, and trees method I gave up and searched for a new way. 

I stumbled upon this video and it was a miracle.

After taking a moment to master this technique myself I showed it to them and in less than 10 minutes my, soon to be, Kindergartener was tying his own shoes!! Miracles do happen!

Now the next day has come around and a nights sleep has caused some set backs and like everything else, it still takes practice to master this new skill but overall this method worked so well I had to share.

He is so proud of himself and I am very excited to find something that works especially since I will be teaching this lesson three more times (very soon as fast as time is flying by these days)!

Now back to watching home videos... bring on the tissues!

Until next time,

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