Friday, August 22, 2014

Stevia Select: Chocolate Raspberry Liquid Stevia Product Review

As most of you know I began a sugar free lifestyle back in March when I started Trim Healthy Mama, (affiliate) it has been life changing and I am loving it! (I will be sharing that journey with you soon!) When I started my search for sugar alternatives I had read that quality Stevia could be difficult to find. I stumbled upon Stevia Select while browsing and after reading all the positive reviews I thought I would give it a try.

I first ordered the 100% Pure Stevia Powder and was delighted to discover that not only did it taste great, it had none of the bitter after taste that I was warned about from other products. Since then I was able to be in contact with this family owned small business and I received a bottle of their Liquid Stevia in the Chocolate Raspberry flavor to review.
Stevia Selectpics
I was a little disenchanted at first since I normally do not like the blend of chocolate and fruit flavors (apart from the occasional chocolate covered strawberry). However, I was pleasantly surprised by this little bottle of Stevia. It has nice delicate raspberry flavor that isn't overwhelming.

I first tried it in a serving of plain Greek yogurt and it took about 10-12 drops to get to the sweetness level that I like but it blended in smooth and creamy. It left the best after taste, the kind that leaves you wanting just a little bit more.
Stevia Selectpics2
After that I used it in a cup of black coffee, and the warm drink really brought out the flavors. I didn't have to use as much, just 6-8 drops, and could really taste the fullness of the flavors better than in the yogurt. It was also just as yummy in a cup of hot Oolong tea {for those of you on THM: Chocolate Raspberry Shrinker! Yummy!} I discovered that, as the bottle states, it really does need a good shake between each use and the dropper works best when emptied completely after using to prevent clogging.

The real test was my beloved Chocolate Muffin in a Mug. I followed the recipe in the book and added 6-8 drops of the Chocolate Raspberry Liquid Stevia.
Stevia Selectpics3
Then I made a Chocolate Raspberry Whip to spread over my muffin. 
Because who doesn't love losing weight eating whip cream smothered chocolate muffins!?
I topped it with Skinny Chocolate chips and it was delicious! 
Stevia Selectpics4

I am very excited to have this product in my pantry and I cannot wait to try the other flavors Stevia Select has to offer.

Check out their website to learn more about this great company and order your Stevia today!

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