Friday, January 8, 2016

Hello Again!

I cannot believe it has already been six months since my last post. How my life has changed! I am excited to share about our latest adventures but there is so much to tell I will have to spread it out over the next few weeks!

To start we have moved to Iowa! My husband received a promotional transfer and we packed up and headed North. This journey has been a testament to the faithfulness and unending love of our good God. He has provided for every detail and unforeseen circumstance. Even the situations that felt like delays turned out to be divine timing. We have seen the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living (Ps 27:13) and I am so blessed!

Another journey I have started since my last post is a transition into a dairy and gluten free diet. Thankfully with Trim Healthy Mama, it has been an easy leap. I will be sharing new recipes and tips as well as reviewing recipes from the new Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook.(Affiliate)

Our boys are always the center of our adventurous life and this week we will be celebrating our baby's 2nd birthday! How can time pass so quickly???
January 2014
I am completely in love, how could I not be? Again, God has been so good and I am looking forward to sharing more with you soon!
Thank you for stopping by and until next time I pray the goodness of the Lord shines on you as well!


  1. Love it! The house is beautiful and it's awesome how blessed you guys are and how God is providing! Glad y'all are doing well.

  2. Thank you! God is good, even when it doesn't seem easy... He is always faithful!