Thursday, September 18, 2014

Food Freedom: My Six Month Trimaversary and Trim Healthy Mama Book Review

Six Months! That doesn't seem like very long... but my sweet little baby is already crawling and starting to pull up to standing, my oldest started Kindergarten and I have lost almost FIFTY pounds! So A LOT can happen in just six months... but let's rewind...

My fourth and last baby was born at the beginning of this year. I had two pregnancies worth of weight to loose and I was really dreading all the hours I was going to have to spend doing cardio and counting every calorie that came near my face... because I had done it before. I spent a year trying to loose the weight after my first two pregnancies. I was so stressed and tired that I literally have very few memories from that summer of my life, it's all just a blur. I didn't want to go through that again. I want to soak up and cherish every moment of my boys early years because we all know, they go by way too fast.

I had heard of this Trim Healthy Mama (affiliate) book from my dear friend and fellow blogger (check her out at: Kids, Clutter, & Chaos) but I just kept thinking, oh it can't be that easy (I am so glad I was VERY wrong.) But I really didn't want to go another summer being overweight and stressed out about food and muffin tops. When I began my journey in March of this year I was wearing size 16/18 and 190 lbs. At 5 feet tall, it was way too much weight, all my joints ached, and I was tired. So figured I would give it a shot and I ordered the book.

Quietly reading the 607 paged book from start to finish was a bit more than I could manage with a newborn, toddler and two preschoolers living in the same house. So I just dove into the middle to get the basics of the plan down and I was hooked. Despite assuming I "knew how to eat right" I read it and learned so much (like eating fat doesn't make you fat - Bacon? Yes please!) Even now I go back to re-read different chapters and I am still pulling out new treasures and helpful information I missed in the beginning.

The authors do a great job using every day language to explain the 'why' behind the few foods that are considered "off plan" and give you suggestions for living this life in the real world, including tons of great easy to follow recipes. It is well written and entertaining. The information covers much more than weight loss. Totally body health is the ultimate goal. Not a number on the scale or a race to get there the fastest. They address all the issues that effect us and our everyday health. Including identifying your personality when it comes to your approach to food and the needs of your family life and how that all affects our successes and failures on our health journey.

So what is this Trim Healthy Mama (THM)? While a bit difficult to summarize, I generally explain it as a low-glycemic lifestyle. No sugar or white starches, combined with a way of eating that allows your body to burn it's own fat stores... but really it is so much more. It is food freedom.

Cutting out sugar seemed daunting at first (Have you looked? There is added sugar in everything!), but the natural sweeteners made it easy to adjust (check out my review on a great Stevia brand here)
Now I eat more sweets than ever before. I started eating rich chocolate muffins, creamy puddings, dark chocolate and peanut butter yogurt. I had real bacon and cheesy scrambled eggs for dinner at least once a week. And tons of other yummy foods. I began to notice a difference immediately. More energy, my skin and nails became healthy and strong and best of all; baggy pants! Sure, I have days I eat something "off plan" but that's okay, there is no guilt on THM, no food condemnation, three hours later just jump back in with a wise food choice. However, on those days I eat "off plan" I feel bloated and sluggish, and I am quickly reminded why I love THM so much.

Since March I am down to a size 6/8 and 143 lbs. I eat chocolate every day! I am free to eat butter, cream cheese, and bacon (and of course all the other wonderful foods like salmon, grilled chicken, fruits and veggies, sweet potatoes, beans and brown rice, but we all already know those things are "healthy") I eat until I'm full, no counting calories or points. No countless hours on the treadmill. Although exercise is encouraged and discussed in the book. I have begun strength training, because I finally have the energy to do so!

I am so excited to continue on this journey. Once I reach my goal, I won't be left to wonder what to do next, because THM has a plan for weight management, as well as weight loss. It is adaptable for every season of your life, whether you need to gain, lose, or maintain. If you have allergies, special medical needs or just want to invest in your health. It is not just for Mamas! This is a lifestyle the whole family will benefit from and I will forever be a Trim Healthy Mama.

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  1. Absolutely amazing! Fabulous job! You are beautiful!

  2. Wonderful! I just had to comment because I love THM and we share the exact same first name!

    1. Awesome! It doesn't happen often for me, except this week I've met 3 Sonja's with the same spelling, you make 4. I think it's a lifetime record. :)