Thursday, May 15, 2014

What is your calling?

I have been blessed to be apart of a weekly women's Bible study group at our local church for over four years now. We have grown in love and in number over the years and I am so grateful for these wonderful women. They are truly a foundational part of my life and my walk with the Lord. 

We recently completed Esther: It's Tough Being a Woman, by Beth Moore. Wow, what a great study! The detailed look into the life of Esther was inspiring and encouraging. Over the past weeks we have learned about our beauty and destiny in the Lord. And our worth and value as daughters of The King. We ended the session answering the questions: "What is your calling?" and "How do you know?"

When it came my turn to answer my first response is the obvious one: Raising Little Men! And as we dedicated the babies to the Lord this past Mother's Day, we publicly committed to that calling. To be the Primary Faith Influence in our children's lives. This is my greatest calling at this season in my life. To be a stay at home mom and raise my boys in the faith and trust of a loving God who desires great things for us. Along with that I am learning my secondary calling is to share my journey with others.

When I started this blog I felt the gentle push from that place deep inside. If you learn to listen you will know it is the Holy Spirit speaking to you. The voice you often answer with "I'm not qualified to do that!" but gradually (or sometimes, all of the sudden) it is there, these ideas, this thought, this purpose, this calling. It is often bigger than you, it is going to take more than you have to offer. But it is going to be glorious, because it is going to be God working through his child in a beautiful partnership.

We can't fulfill this on our own, but as we learned through Esther, it's is not our job to figure out the "how" it is our job to do the "What" and let God take care of the rest.

So what is your calling? What is that thing that you keep thinking about? What is your purpose? Do you know? Have you felt that push from the quiet places of your soul? It's okay if you don't feel qualified, it probably means it is exactly the right thing. God is calling you into your destiny!

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